Everyone’s favorite fish, is now easier to prepare than ever! This is our favorite method for preparing Salmon, which results in perfectly crisp fish every time. With only Salt, Pepper, and Oil, this recipe cooks up in under 15 minutes with almost no preparation. Perfect for the novice or expert chef, our Simple Crispy Skin Salmon never disappoints. 

Skin-on Salmon Portions
1/2+ tsp Kosher Salt
Black Pepper to taste
1-2 Tbl Avocado Oil or other high heat oil

In a cold pan, add oil, and 1/4 tsp salt. Place the Salmon skin side down in the cold pan, and season the flesh side with remaining salt and pepper. Turn the pan to medium high heat. Once the pan comes up to temperature, cook 5-7 mins. Fat will render and the skin will crisp. Flip and cook for another 5-7 mins until the internal temperature reaches at least 125°.


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