Our extra large lobster tails are a perfect way to wow your guests. This incredibly simple recipe for Butter Poached Lobster Tails is the perfect way to highlight the buttery and succulent meat of everyone’s favorite seafood!

2 Equal Sized Lobster Tails
4 Tbl Butter
1 Tbl Finely Sliced Chives

With a sharp pair of kitchen shears snip right down the top of the tail from the base to the tip. Carefully, Without crushing the meat, crack the bottom of the shell in your hand or with a kitchen towel. This should open the cut slightly and allow you access to the tail meat. Gently remove the meat from the shell.

On medium heat melt the butter. Add the tails and continuously baste the tails with a metal spoon in the butter. (Be careful not to over heat and burn the butter.) When the tails are fully cooked to an internal Temp or 145 remove from heat and fresh chopped chives and serve.


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